Center of Jewish Religious Education "Torah Mi Zion" works in Moscow in the area of religious education and spreading the Jewish tradition since 1998.

All our projects have the same goal - to give to the Jews the opportunity to discover who they are, where they are and why they are here.

The greatest gift that each person has is his free choice, but he can use it only when he has something to choose from. "Torah Mi Zion" gives everyone who only cross the doorstep of the building understanding of how great is our own heritage, because sometimes something that we are looking for years somewhere very far is right at our doorstep.

We are all created to enjoy, but there are different levels of enjoyment. We’re trying to experience all of them. To learn and to do the really important things in the company of friends and just people, who seem close to us, enjoying good food and pleasant spiritual atmosphere - that's what our organization is trying to do.

Our greatest pride and joy is to see hundreds of Jews every day in our building who feel that there is nothing deeper, more interesting and sweeter than the comprehension of how to live each moment of our lives intelligently and meaningfully. Torah Mi Zion also let every Jew the feeling that he is not alone. Strengthening the bond with his people, his Torah and his land, the Jew will always feel part of something great.

And finally, the Torah Mi Zion is a place where everyone is really needed, where people will be interested in your opinion and enjoy your success. Here it becomes clear that your “chair” at a huge table of the Jewish people anybody will not be able to take, not even the head of generation, because "this world was created for you."



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