“Torah Mi Tzion” in Moscow is part of a big international organization Torah-Mi Zion, due to which in different parts of the world places of learning Torah have appeared. Places that show the connection between Torah and Land of Israel.

 Usually these learning centers use “Beit Midrash” as form of studying, that helps yeshiva students to master the skill of how to strengthen jewish communities all over the world in the best way showing such ideals as Torah of Israel, Nation of Israel and Land of Israel.

The base of such kollels  usually are people who graduated from “Esder Yeshivot”, where they used to both study jewish subjects on very high level and serve in Israeli army. Involved and active, these young people go through the process of long selection and preparing, and only after that they go from Israel to the different places of the Earth for a year or two. There they serve as an example of “kipa sruga” – generation of religious Zionism,  who know how to find balance between learning Torah and implementing military duty, between word and action.

The purpose of the program is to help local leaders to strengthen the religious component in their communities through the creation of unique Jewish atmosphere, which includes both Judaism and Zionism. Kollel Students divide their time between intensive study under the leadership of charismatic and erudite Rosh Kollel and participation in local community life. Thus, the time assigned to classes, study in hevrutah (pairs) with members of the community, as well as to conduct various training activities in Jewish schools and synagogues, as in the days of the week and the Sabbath. All this is aimed at strengthening Jewish identity in the community and increase the level of knowledge of the Torah in all sectors of the Jewish community. Crucial role in the community have wifes of those who study in Kollel. They teach in the schools, make special classes for girls and women, families are invited to their home for various holidays and otherwise participate in the other community events.

Needs of communities in various parts of the world are fundamentally different from each other. Taking this into account, in the community either young couples (avreichim) are being sent or unmarried students (Bahurim) led by Rosh Kollel. Each program seeks to take into account the unique needs of each particular community.

We are in different parts of the world!

To clarify: Mexico, Italy, South Africa, Peru, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Uruguay, Canada, America, Israel.



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