• Rav Adolf Shaevich

    Rav Adolf Shaevich

    The chief rabbi of Russia

    During 15 years of existing of Torah of Zion mass of people turned out with this organization, received there the first basic knowledge and still rising with it. Indeed, the organization corresponds to what we read in our daily prayers, "Ki mi Zion tetse Torah from Hashem dvar mIrushalaim." And, literally, built for everyone, regardless of age (ranging from small children and completely ending people have complicated the retirement age), each gets what he wants in this organization.

    Of course, this is the merit of a man who led the organization during these 15 years. Rabbi Yushuvaev  is an example of how to be a rabbi. Open, accessible, always ready to help in any matter, tries to resolve problem until the end. He gave himself completely to the service, education, school. His knowledge is incredibly extensive, it’s literally enough for everything. For rabbis and for those who are just making their first steps in their lives. Of course, behind him there is a such powerful support of Ayelet, I want to give her special thanks. Welcoming home is always open to you and other people. Every Saturday or holiday in this small apartment, which, however, always fits everyone who comes. And everybody receives not only an excellent food, but also warm cordiality, which makes you want to come again and again.

    Of course, 15 years is not such a long period of time, but, nevertheless, over these 15 years so many things were done that I can’t even describe. We just want to congratulate Rabbi Yushuvaev in the day of his 45th birthday (quite a young age, he has to live, grow, grow and grow, he still doesn’t even have a gray beard). So there is the opportunity to enjoy his kindness, his knowledge. I wish success to all the staff, the staff of beauty, kind-hearted, sympathetic, which makes everything to every person who comes feel like a second home. And there are tons of such people, I know it firsthand, because all the 15 years almost every day we’re in touch with rav Ushuvaev and people who work with him.

  • HaGaon Rav Simha HaKoen Kuk

    HaGaon Rav Simha HaKoen Kuk

    The chief rabbi and head of jewish court in Rehovot

    We arrived to Moscow after a break of 22 years. And I was waiting for the time when we would go to the synagogue for morning prayers. But I was waiting for this moment with fear, I was afraid. What was I afraid of? Previously, Moscow had two synagogues - synagogue on Arkhipova and Chabad in Marina Roscha. There were no more synagogues. And the age of the worshipers in the synagogue was from 80 to 100 years. But because people do not live forever, I was afraid of who I’ll see there, if there any people at the morning prayer?  And when I came to the synagogue in the morning, I saw to my great surprise a new younger generation of worshipers, whom I did not know.

    And, in fact, that old generation no longer exists. But to their credit, those who were afraid, deathly afraid - because when they visited the synagogue and observed traditions they could get to Siberia, there is a new generation of boys and girls who come to the synagogue. It should be pointed out that what we see today is only the beginning.

    This morning, Rabbi David, may G-d send him many years, asked me to come to Moscow's header in the Moscow school " Reshit Chochma." What a beautiful name - "Chochma" - is in Hebrew - "the beginning of wisdom." And I saw a tremendous thing - the children and teachers in the school are all very beautiful and God-fearing. I sat with them and talked, and gave them instructions, and I saw that the new generation is growing, which will grow, they will study the Torah, they will succeed. Someone will be talmid chacham, someone will be engaged in business and other things, but they all will be the children who will be successful.

    And so, when we read the words of the great teacher Maimonides, which says laws of trembling days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the man who wants to be acquitted at trial on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, he must multiply charity , multiply chesed and compassion so Heaven will be compassionate to him too.

    We are talking about "Torah of Zion" - the Torah from Zion, we are talking about honor of the Torah and the land of Israel honored. And of course we all join the blessing of Gaon Rabbi David, who brought here the Torah from Zion, together with the Gaon Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt and his wife Dara. Thank you very much, Rabbi David and his wife Ayelet.

  • Hagaon Amiel Shteinberg

    Hagaon Amiel Shteinberg

    The head of Zionist yeshiva Har Hamor

    We know one of the curses that G-d will send the Jewish people to the land of another. Other, different from the land, which was mentioned in Torah. Different in all meanings. And for our sins G-d sent us into the land of another. And when it is said about it in the Torah, in the text of the letter "lamed" more than other letters. Commentators explain that the letter "lamed" is long as our long exile. And distance is not only geographical - primarily, cultural distance. We have moved away, we moved far away to a distant land.

    But today we celebrate and rejoice when we see how the words of the prophets fulfilled before our eyes. Says the prophet Zechariah: "I and dispersal among their people, and in distant lands they will remember me, and they will live with their sons and return."

    And as the prophet says: "In the distant lands will remember me." Despite the fact that we are moving away farther and farther, however, we remember G-d. And no matter how far we're leaving, no matter how deep we are immersed in exile, still we remember the Creator.

    It is written, "From afar the Almighty appeared to me ...." Even from afar, we return to our people, we return to our land, to our Torah. And as the prophet says: "... and they will live there with his sons" - we stop in this exile in distant countries because of our sons. Because we did not want them to stay there, we want each of them to return to his people, his country, to his Torah and to serving G-d.

    And we have patience. Throughout history we have had the opportunity to learn to tolerate. And we suffer, and we are of patience, we are waiting, full of faith and full of hope.

    And you, the Holy Community, which is after the generation who were distant. You go back, despite the difficulties, despite the obstacles that are on the way. You come back to the true Jewish life.

    And this is not only the efforts of this generation, but this is the efforts of past generations who lived before us. All the suffering, all the difficulties that they have been, are, in order that we were moving slowly, slowly, but moving forward to our future. And this revival, it leads to our land because we are a great nation that has a great land and who has a great Torah as it is written: "For out of Zion comes Torah and the word of G-d from Jerusalem."

    And we are happy that we have such heroes. After all, in fact, we are heroic people, who with all the patience that we have, still continues to go on its way. As continues prophet Zechariah and says: "And I gave them the power, and with God, and his name they will continue to go." And we need heroes, and we need heroism. But heroism is measured not in quantity but in quality. A candle, a few sparks of the present Jewish life - they are like a huge treasure. These are the heroes - Rabbi David Yushuvaev, his family, his wife - Ayelet, and all those who work with them. All these people, they are incredible heroes, with incredible force, constantly in joy and not turning away from any small things. There are things that seem a trifle, but in fact this is the spark that left us the legacy of past generations. These should spark to ignite a great fire, which illuminate the entire Jewish people and the entire world.

    As already mentioned, this story is not 15 years but history of many generations. And I wish that in the merit of these efforts, the sparks that we see here, turned into a huge flame. To the flame lit and sowed the Jewish people and the entire world. And on the eve of the New Year, we wish that this light illuminated the Jewish people in the Land of Israel and in all places where Jews live. To have had a good year, the blessed and honored that we see the light.

  • Dorit Golender

    Dorit Golender

    Ambassador of Israel in Russia

    First of all I want to say thank you to you, rav David Ushuvaev, for everything you do here in Moscow. You and Tora Mitzion. All the jewish diaspora, wherever it is, remembers about Israel. Its eyes go to Israel. But with help of rav David, this connection becomes stronger. Thank u for everything.

  • Rav Shimon Levin

    Rav Shimon Levin

    Deputy of chief Moscow rabbi and Jewish European parlament

    In the name of Tora Mitzion there is an interesting sign. Russian Jewish life reborn, but Russia is very overcast country. Tora comes from sunny Zion, from the land of Israel, the source of light for all the world. So for me it seems that rabbi David Ushuvaev is this beam of light, that warms up in this overcast weather.



  • Рав Натан Шустин (Eng)

    Рав Натан Шустин (Eng)

    Преподаватель школы лидерства "Лаудер Эц Хаим"

    Москва, как известно, является городом возможностей, больших возможностей. К сожалению, там где много возможностей, там много и соблазнов, больших соблазнов. Человек один слаб, а его злое начало очень сильно, и одному в большом городе тяжело. Пятнадцать лет назад в столице были синагоги, за городом была ешива, но еврейская жизнь текла где-то за кадром: экономика пыталась выжить, сборная России не попала на Чемпионат Мира, еврейские студенты с трудом вспоминали о своих корнях.

    Пятнадцать лет назад в Москве открылась еврейская организация под названием Тора ми-Цион. Столица Российской Федерации всегда была привлекательным местом для строительства жизни, создания карьеры и помимо московских студентов в Белокаменную стремятся русскоязычные студенты со всего мира. Выйдя из привычного мира районной школы, студент оказывается в большом городе. Москва город не простой, количество информации как полезной, так и лишней и даже мешающей, которое обрушивается на человека, может выдержать не каждый.

    Написано в Вавилонском Талмуде, в трактате Брахот, что победить злое начало может помочь изучение Торы. Так куда податься еврейскому студенту как не к своим? Тора ми-Цион – проект, созданный специально для студентов, привлекает своей тёплой атмосферой, серьёзным изучением нашей святой Торы, и что не менее важно гостеприимством.

    Мне очень нравится общаться с выпускниками Тора ми-Цион - это всегда интересные люди! Поэтому на пятнадцатилетие этой организации, который совпадает с Днём Знаний, пожелаю, чтобы организаторам и преподавателям Тора ми-Цион удалось передать как можно больше знаний о нашей истории и традиции.

    Как написано в Пиркей Авот: Гилель говорил: «Учись у Аарона: Цени мир и стремись к миру, люби людей и приближай их к Торе». Так что приводите в Тора ми-Цион и друзей!

    Желаю вам благословения Небес и удачи!

  • Benjamin Netaniyahu

    Benjamin Netaniyahu

    Head of the Government of Israel

    Dear follovers of the organization "Torah mi Zion" in Moscow.

    These days you are celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of institutions "Torah mi Zion" in Moscow. During these years, you have managed to have an impact on thousands of Jewish families, through their initiation to Judaism, Zionism and their rapprochement with the country of Israel.

    Thanks to your work many students educated in your institutions have deepened their Jewish and Zionist identity. Your success in education and instilling values ​​goes mainly from the love of one's neighbor and tolerance that characterize your activities during all these years.

    Your work and the impact largely moved beyond the activities of a regular educational organization. In your merit, many young people have emigrated to Israel, settled in it, found here their homes, and became loyal citizens, contributing to the country of Israel and Israeli society.

    I express my support to all who participated in this important deal, and especially to Rabbi David Yushuvaev who lead the organization "Torah mi Zion" in Moscow. I wish you many more years to continue your education and educational activities for the future of our children and the Jewish people.


    Head of the Government of Israel,

    Benjamin Netaniyau.


    23 Elul 5773

    29th August 2013.

  • Рав Лейб Гелфанд (Eng)

    Рав Лейб Гелфанд (Eng)

    Преподаватель в ЦЕРО Тора ми-Цион, преподаватель в колеле Швут Ами, школе Ле Цион бе Рина.

    В трактате Брахот: 30/1 спорили рав Хизда и рав Шешет. Рав Хизда говорил, что дорожную молитву говорят стоя, а рав Шешет считает, что можно и на ходу. Дальше приводится случай с ними, как они вышли в дорогу, и рав Хизда остановился, чтоб сказать молитву, а рав Шешет, когда понял, что рав Хизда стоит, тоже остановился, и встал читать молитву. И когда его спросили: "Почему ты остановился? Ведь ты считаешь, что можно говорить на ходу?"

    Ответил рав Шешет: "Если можно что-то сделать лучше, почему делать это хуже?" В данном случае, если можно остановиться и сказать с чувством, зачем делать это на ходу.

    Я периодически приезжаю в Тора ми-Цион. Учусь из Израиля по скайпу с учениками из колеля Тора ми-Цион. С гордостью называю себя частичкой этой семьи, и хочу заметить, что одна из основ, на которых Рав Давид построил эту империю: "Если что-то можно сделать лучше, зачем делать хуже.? "

    От себя хочу поздравить Рав Давида с юбилеем, пожелать счастья, здоровья, дальнейшего процветания. А также пожелать всей общине Тора ми-Цион - ПРОДОЛЖАЙТЕ духовно расти от света Торы из Циона.

  • Pinchas Goldshmidt

    Pinchas Goldshmidt

    Moscow's chief rabbi

    This diploma is awarded to Rabbi David Yushuvaev and his wife Ayelet for occasion of the 15th anniversary of the organization "Torah Mi Zion" that work for the benefit of Moscow community.

    Programs of  "Torah Mi Zion" help thousands of Jews to return on the ways of their ancestors, as did Aaron HaKoen, that "love creations and bring them closer to the Torah."

    With G-d help may you continue to give so much good to Jewish people and to Jewish community in good health and with the help from Heaven.

    Erev Rosh Hashanah 5774


    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

    Moscow's chief rabbi