Let’s try to list the attributes of Jewish home: candlesticks, siddur, besamim, Kiddush cup, tzdaka box… Tzdaka box? What this subject adds to general atmosphere of holiness in Jewish home? These boxes were called guns. Now old people remember how they used to put money in these “guns” before lighting candles for Shabbes, or after hearing good news, of before long trip, or when somebody got sick. Thus, in Jewish families tzdaka wasn’t only charity, but everyday occurrence.

Before Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur we always hear phrase that Tzdaka, like tshuva and tefila, cancels bad judgment. Rabbi Akiva used to say that “Tzdaka saves from death”. Why does Judaism pays so much attention to few penny, put in the box?

In Hebrew the word “tzdaka” has the same root with the word “tzedek” – justice. When we give tzdaka, we bring justice to the world. In weekly chapter “Dvarim” G-d tells us: “Because always will be poor people on Earth, that’s why I command to you: open your hand to your brother, your poor people”. G-d shows us, that world without poor people is the worst. In the world, where nobody is in need, there is no room for compassion and appreciation. When the person with a smile gives his own money to poor person, he assimilates to G-d, Who “dresses naked and rise falling”

Jews always knew that only money they really own is which they gave to tzdaka. Only person who frequently gives to others feels himself needed.

But you can help not only with money. In “Mesilat Yesharim” it says that you can give tzdaka in 3 ways: money, time and wisdom. So every smile you give to stranger, every spending minute for helping your neighbor, every wise advice become tzdaka.

Tora says that the highest stage of tzdaka is tzdaka for studying Tora. Only because of the fact that jews always realized it, lots of yeshivas, kollels and jewish schools existed even in the most tough times. They provided the future of jewish nation – kids, who were proud of their nation and who could submit their knowledge to their children.

Our center “Tora-mitzion” provides all the conditions for studying Tora to people of different age. Men, women and children, old people and students come to our center every day to look at world surrounding them with the eyes of Tora. Each of us can be participant of this important matter. Somebody can give maaser (10% of their income) for developing one of our projects. May be somebody would want to volunteer in our organization and provide very important jewish attributes those members of community, who can’t go out. Any of your help will help us to bring light of G-d and His Tora to life of jews from Moscow. Make an effort to help the development of jewish life of Moscow!

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